Welcome to DUNCAN LACROIX ONLINE an online dedication to British actor Duncan Lacroix, best known for his role as Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser, the godfather to Jamie Fraser on the STARz hit OUTLANDER. Duncan has a career in film, television, and the stage including GAME OF THRONES, VIKINGS, REIGN, and PRIMEVAL. This site as a strict NO CANDIDS policy

“Outlander” Fan Accounts

A poster on Twitter asked about OUTLANDER fan accounts to follow. I asked Angus Angels, also known as Jackie Merrill, to compile for me a master list of all the fan accounts available to follow. Here is that list. Thank you so much Angus Angels/Jackie for doing this. You’re an ace. Each list is separated into a general list for the show, then the actors. Each will be clickable. “*” Denotes accounts from this author. If I have incorrectly linked your account, please contact me with a correction. If you would like an add as a fan account, please submit to the above contact link.

General Outlander:

Sam Heughan:
*(Fan account for Sam Heughan Online)

Caitriona Balfe:

Tobias Menzies
*(Fan account for Tobias Menzies Online)

Duncan Lacroix:
*(Fan account for Duncan Lacroix Online)

Richard Rankin:

Sophie Skelton:

David Berry:
*(Fan account for David Berry Online)

César Domboy:

Lauren Lyle:

Caitlin O’Ryan:

Charlie Hyatt:

Tim Downie:

Andrew Gower

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